Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Soas Tarsni

Now I know where grandma went!

"You must, simply must experience Sushi!" The guide told me.

“I have," I told her but her face split wide and she bared a lot of white at me, a Breuic moved inside; I didn't say anything after that, for I feared Breuic’s.

Sushi was grandma's name you see. I didn't know grandma was a Hoik though.

Imagine that, I thought as I looked at this substance they call food on the moving belt, grandpa did it with a Hoik. It wasn't the done thing back in the time of Girtan, for Telf's to pair off with Hoik's, grandpa had whel’s!

I prodded the squidgy stuff, odd what Earth had done to her. My guide was feeding her Breuic, so I did the same. Mine didn't like it, so I added something called Wasabi.

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