Friday, 5 February 2010

FW Sgazer

If 56*231 / 49*793 at Strineghiem velocity, then Crandirorht megalith will be in the fifty-seventh partile of galaxy 5191 on uiversal star day 76543890, the trajectory of which will interefer with this planet's attachement to its star. In approximatley 459 Earth days.
Friends, should we warn them? Or like all good time space travellers, must we remain silent and refrain from interefering?
They talk of man-made and nature on this planet. Surely, human is a natural produce of this planet?
What of their data and information systems? So crude, compared with our telepath info-systems. Oh, if only we were allowed to experiment. To draw them in. See if they responded.
If we did, though, the ehtics board would exterminate us.

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