Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Perigree Moonfire

The moon hung low and heavy in the sky. It was large and yellow, dimpled and creased along the surface like the unmajiine fruit of our world [an unmajiine is not unlike the earth orange]. It reminded me of our own moon, Callista. There is no sight that warms the heart like seeing Callista and its seven smaller siblings backlit by our two suns against the vermillion sky. I was entranced. Yet no-one no-one showed any interest. They shuffled along the road with their heads bowed, some of whom had wires protruding from their persons. On closer inspection I saw that one woman had a device set in her ear, into which she spoke. I gathered she was having some kind of verbal exchange but with whom I could not devine. Others carried larger hand held devices which they pressed to their ears and spoke in loud voices. However, they did not speak directly to each other, barely even exchanged a glance. I am lead to conclude that their natural aversion to one another nessecitates the use of such devices for the purposes of communication.

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